How to develop your Smart City strategy and what are the tools at your disposal?

5 video capsules to guide you

Whether your territory is already involved in a Smart City approach or not, establishing a strategy regarding this aspect is a good way to clarify your vision and ensure the success of the projects you wish to develop and/or support. So, how do you get started and what are the steps to follow to structure your strategic approach? What methodology should you adopt to translate this into an effective Smart City strategy? And what are the tools at your disposal?

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5 video capsules to guide your reflection

Through 5 short videos, the Smart City Institute team proposes you: 
  • to (re)discover the key phases and essential steps in the development of a Smart City strategy, 
  • but also to (re)clarify the concept of Smart City itself : 

An iterative process in 15 key steps 

The 4 main phases that we advise you to address through this series of videos (prerequisites, strategic planning, implementation, monitoring) are based on the methodology developed in our 1st Smart City Practical Guide.
Based on a process comprising 4 phases divided into 15 key steps to consider and/or carry out, this methodology will help you to enrich your reflection, to better position yourself and to ask yourself the right questions for a more methodical, fluid and structured transition.
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Process from the Smart City Practical Guide #1  - © Smart City Institute.

Available capsules

Every week, a new capsule available!
(from 4 February to 4 March 2021)

Definition & context

Capsule #1

Smart City : What are we talking about?

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Capsule #2

5 essential prerequisites for a successful Smart City approach

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Capsule #3

Strategic planning: how to formulate a Smart City strategy?

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Capsule #4

Translating your Smart City strategy into an action plan and implementing it

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Capsule #5

Monitoring your Smart City initiatives: What to measure and why?

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Tools to guide you in your Smart City approach

In order to support and guide local stakeholders in their sustainable and smart transition processes, the Smart City Institute team is developing a whole series of tools (barometers, practical guides, methodological notes and reports). Focus on two of them, which will be particularly useful in defining your strategy and structuring your projects:


Guide Smart City 1 SCI  

To help you understand the ins and outs of Smart City, but also to assist you in the elaboration, implementation, organisation and evaluation of your Smart City strategy: Consult our Smart City Practical Guide #1

Download the guide
Discover the complete collection 


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To effectively structure and manage your Smart City projects: Download the SPMM template - a visual and practical model to complete and use as a roadmap

Discover and download the SPMM

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