Smart City: What are we talking about?

How to develop your Smart City strategy - Capsule 1/5

The Smart City is today at the heart of many discussions within our territories. A "popular" or, on the contrary, "old-fashioned" concept, some would say, but it is still misunderstood and sometimes overused. However, whatever the label being used, the sustainable and intelligent transition of our territories is a reality and even a necessity. But why? In which context does the Smart City emerge? What are the stakes? And what are the perspectives for our municipalities/cities/territories?


Smart City: What is it all about? 

In the series "How to develop your Smart City strategy", we propose you 5 video capsules to address the key phases of a Smart City strategy. This first video gives you more details about the Smart City concept:

  • What are the major challenges faced by Smart Cities and territories?
  • What are the 6 dimensions that make them up, and that you can work on to make your city "Smarter" ?
  • Finally, how to define a Smart City?

Through this video, familiarise yourself with the challenges that are at the essence of the Smart City, and that are driving territories to take an interest in it!

To deepen the subject

Context and challenges, definition, 6 dimensions, obstacles and advantages: our Smart City Practical Guide #1 dedicates an entire chapter to the definition of the Smart City and all its issues, to help you see more clearly and start your strategic thinking on the right bases!

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