Strategic planning: How to formulate a Smart City strategy ?

How to develop your Smart City strategy - Capsule 3/5

After having made sure that you have the essential prerequisites for the launch of a Smart City approach on your territory, you are now ready to start planning your strategy, surrounded by your team and all the stakeholders involved.

In this third video from our series "How to develop your Smart City strategy", we explore the 4 key elements to keep in mind when formalising your strategy:
  • Establish a diagnosis of the current situation
  • Define your priorities and a clear vision
  • Define an evaluation methodology
  • Define a communication strategy

Clear vision and objectives for an optimal implementation

This planning phase is crucial: observing and analysing the current functioning of your territory will help you to identify your needs and priorities. On this basis, you will be able to clarify a clear Smart City vision and precise objectives. This methodology will allow you to set up an efficient strategy and anticipate its implementation (next phase) in an optimal way.

To deepen the subject

Find our advice, concrete examples and detailed explanations of the 4 steps of strategic planning in our Smart City Practical Guide #1 :

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