5 essential prerequisites for a successful Smart City approach

How to develop your Smart City strategy - Capsule 2/5

Like any aspiring cook who checks their list of ingredients before starting a new recipe, one of the first things to do when defining your Smart City strategy is to check whether your municipality has a favourable ground for the development of a Smart City approach and strategy.

This first phase of work therefore consists of making sure that you have of the necessary prerequisites for the proper development of your Smart City approach.

In this 2nd capsule of our series "How to develop your Smart City strategy", in which we propose you 5 video capsules to discover the key phases of a Smart City strategy, we introduce you to 5 essential prerequisites:

  • The political will
  • Leadership
  • A transversal team
  • A common (pre-)vision
  • External openness and citizen involvement

Prerequisites to facilitate your approach 

Although the acquisition of these 5 prerequisites is not a "sine qua non" condition to be able to effectively launch your approach and develop a strategy, they will nevertheless allow you to start on a solid foundation, to give impetus to your approach and, thus, to put all the chances on your side during the following steps.

To deepen the subject

Discover these 5 prerequisites in detail in our Smart City Practical Guide #1, but also concrete examples of cities that have implemented them in their Smart City strategy.

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