Since 2017, the Smart City Institute has published a new volume every year to complete its collection of the Practical Guide, and to provide local stakeholders with new advice and inspiration. Discover below the available volumes:

Volume 1 (2017) - Smart City Strategy

Guide-1-retouche-cropHow to set up a Smart City approach in your territory ? Through this 1st guide, the Smart City Institute proposes, after a re-clarification of the Smart City concept and its challenges, an iterative process in 15 key steps to guide you in your reflection! (in French and Dutch)

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Volume 2 (2018) - How to turn the citizen into an actor of their territory


To build a sustainable Smart City strategy, involving citizens in the development of your projects is essential. In this 2nd volume, find 8 tools that will enable you to stimulate citizen participation in your territory! (In french)

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Volume 3 (2019) - Our territories facing data and their governance

Mockup-Livres-couchesData supports better territorial management and the emergence of smart and sustainable cities. With this 3rd volume, familiarise yourself with the concept of data and its governance! Also discover the different ways to exploit them, as well as the practices of Open Data. (In french)

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VOLUME 4 (2020) - Tomorrow's mobility, what are the challenges for our territories?

How can you guarantee your citizens sustainable, efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy mobility, while taking advantage of available innovations? Through this 4th volume, the Smart City Institute supports you in your reflection. (In french)

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VOLUME 5 (2021) - Monitoring and evaluation - Management tools for our territories in transition

Guide Pratique Smart City 5 Monitoring evaluation mockupHow can you effectively monitor and evaluate your Smart City initiatives? This 5th Practical Guide shows you the way: discover a methodology to tackle this crucial step with serenity and build your indicators step by step!

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