Implementation: Turning your Smart City strategy into an action plan and implementing it

How to develop your Smart City strategy - Capsule 4/5

Once a Smart City strategy has been formulated for your territory (through the mobilisation of a maximum of its stakeholders), it is necessary to concretise it by taking action: in order to achieve the objectives and priorities you have set up, which projects will you choose to support and implement, and how can you proceed?

If the question of "how" is essential (definition of a roadmap, setting up pilot or quick-win projects), the question of the required resources for the implementation of your projects is just as important (resource persons, technologies, funding and legal provisions). These are the points of attention that the 4th capsule of our series "How to develop your Smart City strategy" proposes to address:


Once you have defined your Roadmap, put the stakeholders around the table, determined the most suitable technologies, chosen and obtained the necessary budgets, and signed the specific agreements with the partners, your territory should be ready to launch its projects. Thanks to this meticulous preparation, you make sure you put all the chances on your side to guarantee the success of your projects. A success, that you will be able to measure at different times thanks to a Monitoring phase.

To deepen the subject

To efficiently prepare the implementation of your projects, discover the 5th chapter of our Smart City Practical Guide #1, dedicated to the implementation of a Smart City strategy: 
And don't forget, to effectively structure your projects and keep in mind all the essential steps for their planning and implementation, print and complete our SPMM model: a visual and practical template to complete and use as a roadmap!

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