With the aim of contributing to the development of sustainable and smart territories, the Smart City Institute shares its expertise on the subject through 6 types of publications: scientific papers, research reports, Practical Handbooks, Practical Handbook's Complements, barometers and models.

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Scientific papers

In terms of fundamental research, the Smart City Institute has been publishing, since 2015, scientific articles in high-quality peer-reviewed journals (Cities, Journal of Cleaner Production, Technological Forecasting and Social Change or Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal) and thus contributes to the advancement of academic research in the field of smart cities.

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Research reports

In addition to its scientific articles, the SCI has also been publishing research reports since 2019, which seek to provide an academic eye on more practical issues.

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A collection of Practical Handbooks

This collection, which consists of the publication of a new thematic volume every year since 2017, aims to guide cities and municipalities in the design and composition of their Smart City approach and/or projects. Each volume offers a clear structure composed of key steps and checklists, underpinned by a complete theoretical basis.

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Practical Handbooks' complement

To enrich the Practical Handbook Collection, the institute also publishes didactic complements that deepen the understanding of one or another concept addressed in the Practical Handbooks, but not developed in detail. The aim of the Practical handbook's complements is therefore to provide, in a shorter format, a very practical insight into a specific subject in order to help territories in their approach. 

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For a better understanding of the Smart City/Smart Territories dynamics in Belgium and Wallonia and its evolution, the barometers published by the SCI since 2017 reveal how Belgian and Walloon municipalities perceive the Smart City concept; their state of progress in this area, but also how they are implementing (or not) a Smart City approach on their territory.

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As a complement to the collection of Practical Handbooks, these models are designed to provide a very practical framework (model / canvas) to accompany Smart City project leaders in their approach.



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updated on 12/7/22

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