Among the various research missions it carries out, the Smart City Institute has been publishing annual barometers since 2017 on the basis of surveys among Belgian municipalities. Since 2018, the results of these studies have also been refined to develop a Walloon version of the report.


The key subjects addressed in our barometers

Nathalie Crutzen, Academic Director of the institute explain : "The barometers that we carry out at the Institute* enable us, since 2017, to study several important points:

  • how Belgian/Walloon municipalities perceive the Smart City concept;
  • their state of progress in this area;
  • but also the way  they set up - or not - a Smart City approach/project(s) on their territory: key actors, resources deployed, priority themes, potential barriers, etc."

*Our barometers are only available in French.


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The objectives of these barometers

These annual surveys meet 5 main objectives:

  • To provide a reliable quantitative inventory of the Smart City dynamic in Belgium and Wallonia;
  • To measure the evolution of this dynamic;
  • To understand and identify the specific issues to Belgian and Walloon territories that this dynamic involves;
  • To provide cities and municipalities with relevant information, i.e. information that meets their current concerns, but which can also be used in their reflections and in the definition of their own strategies;
  • To feed fundamental research in the field of sustainable and smart cities thanks to the insights obtained.


These studies, carried out in all Belgian/Walloon municipalities, are addressed to mayors as well as to the heads of administrations such as general directors, department directors, Smart City Managers and project managers with an overall and transversal view of the main strategic projects developed by the administration.

Particular focuses are also available according to the following criteria:

  • The Region where the municipality belongs (Flanders, Brussels-Capital Region, Wallonia)
  • The province where municipality belongs
  • The nature of the municipality (urban/rural)

As the data are anonymised, the results are not detailed for each respondent municipality.

Deliverables available


Most barometers are available :

  • In full version as a report
  • In a condensed version as infographics, summarising the key figures of the study


Some issues are available in French, Dutch and/or English (see download form for more details). The Walloon barometers are only available in French (infographics and reports).

All the results can be downloaded for free in PDF format, via our download form.


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