Discover on this page the Practical handbook's complements: publications to deepen the topics covered in the Smart City Practical Handbook Collection.

Since 2017, the Smart City Institute (SCI) has published a series of Practical Handbooks, each dedicated to a specific topic related to the sustainable and smart transition of territories: Smart City Strategy, Citizen Participation, Data Governance, Mobility of Tomorrow, Monitoring and Evaluation, Public-Private Collaborations and Partnerships. These handbooks cover the essential notions for the development and implementation of a Smart City approach.




In order to enrich these publications, the institute also publishes didactic complements that deepen the understanding of one or another concept addressed in the Practical Handbooks, but not developed in detail.

The aim of the Practical handbook's complements is therefore to provide, in a shorter format, a very practical insight into a specific subject in order to help territories in their approach. 

How ?

They are made up of both the necessary theoretical reminders and additional information, as well as didactic and concrete tools such as checklists, best practices and recommendations. 

An interactive digital format

With the aim of making these books as practical as possible, but also to favour digital use over a printed version, they have been designed so that you can complete them directly in their digital PDF format: checkboxes to tick, note-taking areas, etc. (NB: for optimal performance, it is however recommended to use Adobe Acrobat). Discover the published books below:

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Open Data - How to foster the reuse of open data?

Authors : Nicolas Installé, Maximilien Servais, Julie Randaxhe (supervision & design)

Published in December 2022




With the support of Wallonia in the framework of its Smart Region programme, part of its Digital Wallonia strategy.


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