As a continuation of the collection of Practical Handbooks, these methodological notes developed by the Smart City Institute aim to provide a very practical framework in order to support Smart City project managers in their approach.


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SCMM : Smart City Maturity Model

Authors: Maximilien Servais, Audrey Lebas, Cécile Caputo, Nathalie Crutzen

Published in October 2022

Model and explanatory note available in French only.

In the continuity of its research mission dedicated to sustainable and smart territories, the Smart City Institute has developed a Smart City Maturity Evaluation Model for territories. A maturity model consists of a series of maturity levels that can be observed during the implementation of a process. It represents a trajectory of anticipated or desired evolution.

Thus, this model aims to enable territories to assess their level of Smart City maturity and therefore focuses on the degree of progress of a territory in its sustainable and intelligent transition. > More information about the SCMM




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SPMM : Smart Project Management Model

Authors: Julio Diankenda, Catherine Nguyen, Nathalie Crutzen

Published in December 2020

Model available in French and English and explanatory note available in French only.

The SPMM, or "Smart project management model", is a methodological tool that allows you to structure and manage your project efficiently, while integrating the fundamental notion of sustainability. Through this model, the objective is to help project managers develop innovative projects, while relying on collective intelligence and the participation of the different stakeholders. This SPMM model is to be considered as a real tool for reflection, collaboration, communication, but also for monitoring, as it provides guidance concerning the 4 fundamental stages of project development, namely: the pre-requisite phase; the planning phase; the execution of the project; the evaluation of the project. In concrete terms, the SPMM is made up of 2 elements that can be downloaded for free: a methodology described in the methodological note, (only available in French) and the model: a visual and practical tool to be completed and then used as a roadmap (available in French and in English). > More information about the SPMM
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