GROOF : new call for building integrated greenhouses projects

Win a one year coaching (2022-2023)

The GROOF team (project in which the Smart City Institute is involved through 2 of its researchers) is launching a new call for projects and offers one year of coaching to pioneers located in UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Germany.


If you wish to launch an innovative project in the field of sustainable agriculture and you want to be a key player in reducing CO2 emissions, this open call is made for you!


Who can apply and with what type of project ?

This call specifically targets projects from the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Germany. It is open to rooftop AND NON-ROOFTOP greenhouses, as long as they are working in synergies with a building.


  • Deadline to apply : 24th of January 2022
  • Selection and nomination of 10 greenhouses projects : February 2022
  • Beginning of the coaching : March 2022
  • End of the coaching : March 2023

Topics covered by the coaching 

  • Construction : Knowledge and expertise in construction design, stability, materials, technical assessment, calculation, risk analysis. Specialisms in roofing and structure. Knowledge in material behaviour and innovative combination. Skills in technical project analysis.
  • Energy : Analysis of the energy flows of the existing building and the project itself, counselling for techniques and measurements to reduce energy demand and implement existing flows to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Production : The plant production expertise consists both in the design of plant production systems and the management of production. This includes knowledge in growing system, plant nutrition, light, pest and disease management, practical organisation of the work, etc...
  • Economic viability : Emphasis on the viability and durability of the candidates’ project, with the respect of the candidates’ vision. This includes evaluating the stakeholders, the cultural & geographical context, the social fabric, the environmental ambitions, the key threats, etc.

First coaching: already 10 projects coached since 2019

From September 2019 to September 2020, GROOF has already supported 10 greenhouse projects exclusively located on rooftops, for a total of 175 hours of individual coaching and 5 on-site visits to help them build, develop and implement their project. Then, 5 projects have been selected to pursue the coaching in phase 2 and accelerate their implementation.

For more information to apply, consult the GROOF websitE

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