As the Smart City is a relatively recent concept, and initiatives in Belgium still young, the Smart City Institute has set up, with the support of its partners, various training programmes to provide (1) the key actors of our territories not only with solid knowledge on the subject, but also with essential skills for the realisation/concretion of sustainable and smart approaches and/or projects; (2) to make students aware of this theme.

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The SCI proposes :

Continuing education courses, intended for professionals

Objective: to equip individuals so that they can successfully carry out their sustainable and smart transition processes. We organise a complete continuing education course entitled "Managing a sustainable and smart transition successfully", as well as thematic workshops.

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Didactic video capsules

Objective: to train local actors on key issues related to the Smart City transition, and/or to enable them to raise awareness of these issues among their collaborators through short videos.


A course in Sustainability & Smart Territories, dedicated to 2nd year Master students at HEC Liège

Objective: to make tomorrow's managers aware of the challenges of sustainable and intelligent territories.

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