Ecosystem dynamics: a stepping stone for your Smart City initiatives

This fourth Practical Handbook Complement, entitled "Multi-disciplinary team: building a team and successfully managing your Smart City", complements the first volume of our Practical Guides. It looks at the reasons for setting up such a team, as well as the characteristics required for it to be effective, the obstacles it may encounter and the applicable methodologies.


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Ecosystem dynamics: why is this important in a Smart City approach?

As explained in the first volume of our Practical Guides, a Smart City strategy is ideally based on Smart Governance and, consequently, on a collaborative approach. Stakeholder participation is strongly recommended to ensure that the Smart City strategy and the resulting projects truly meet the needs of the territory's users. Moreover, although each territory is unique, they share similar challenges such as demographic changes, transportation organization, water management, security, energy sustainability, etc.

How is the document designed?

After a few reminders of the reasons for creating a multidisciplinary Smart City team and the tasks it must accomplish, this Notebook details the key questions to ask when developing it:

  • Stakeholder ecosystem: the quadruple helix model
  • Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches
  • Stakeholder participation and integration in the ecosystem (levels of participation, interactions, barriers and enablers)
  • Defining a stakeholder engagement and management plan

To conclude, a best practice is presented, and a checklist is provided.



Like all Practical Handbook, the authors have designed the document to optimize its digital use. This implicates that checklist boxes can be ticked directly in the document, and notes can be added in the spaces provided.

Download the Complement (in French)


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