Leadership: an essential requirement for your Smart City initiatives

This third Practical Handbook complement entitled "Leadership: an essential requirement for your Smart City initiatives", completes the first volume of our Practical Guides. It covers both the fundamentals of leadership in a Smart City context and the keys to developing high-quality Smart City leadership.


Download the Complement (in French)

Why is leadership an essential requirement for implementing a Smart City approach?

As pointed out in the first volume of our Practical Guides, implementing a Smart City approach requires strong, convincing leadership, capable of decisively supporting the territory's vision, while gathering the resources needed to make it a reality. Whether at the level of the Smart City approach or the projects that flow from it, the presence of a leader is essential to carry the Smart City dynamic forward.


How is the document designed?

After outlining the fundamentals of leadership and the Smart City leader, this Notebook looks at the keys to developing quality Smart City leadership, namely :

  • The associated risks
  • Contextualization from 6 perspectives
  • Its implementation: which roles and which style to adopt?
  • Evaluation

After detailing each of these 4 elements, a best practice is presented and a summary checklist is provided.



Like all Practical Handbook, the authors have designed the document to optimize its digital use. This implicates that checklist boxes can be ticked directly in the document, and notes can be added in the spaces provided.

Download the Complement (in French)


With the support of Wallonia in the framework of its Smart Region programme, part of its Digital Wallonia strategy.


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