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How to make your open data more reusable ?

The first Practical Handbook complement entitled "Open Data: How to promote the reuse of open data" enrich the content of the 3rd Practical Handbook dedicated to data governance. It goes back to the fundamentals of open data and gives the essential conditions to guarantee the reuse of this data by other stakeholders.


Open data reuse : Why does it matter ?

IThere are many reasons for a territory to open its data. One of them is the fact that open data allows other stakeholders to use them in order to develop tools that will allow directly or indirectly the improvement of the quality of life on the territory and thus participate in the sustainable and intelligent transition of the territory.
Among the potential reusers of public open data it is common to find in particular:
  • IT developers and private companies
  • Civil society (citizens and associations)
  • Analysts and journalists
  • Researchers and universities
  • ...

It is therefore critical that the datasets shared by the territories present the necessary conditions for their reuse. Since the third Practical Handbook could not go into detail on this aspect of data openness we have decided to dedicate the very first complement of the Practical Handbooks to that topic.

How is the document designed ?

After a brief reminder of the basics and some additional information related to the Walloon context this first Complement goes back over each of the 4 essential conditions for greater data reuse:

  1. Availability
  2. Interoperability
  3. Quality
  4. Documentation.

For each of them, we provide both the theoretical framework needed as well as a checklist to ensure that everything is taken into account when implementation occurs. In addition to these elements the document contains recommendations, good practices and information about the Walloon context.


Like all the Practical Handbooks Complements the document is digitally usable. It is therefore possible to check the checkboxes directly but also to add notes in the spaces provided.


Download the Complement #1 (in French)

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