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Public-Private collaborations & partnerships: Levers of transition for our territories?

A 6th Smart City Practical Guide to be discovered at mid-November 2022!

Coming soon: a 6th volume to complete your collection of Smart City Practical Guides

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In the context of their Smart City initiatives, public authorities are increasingly turning to the development of collaborations and partnerships to design, develop, build and/or finance infrastructures or services for citizens. The private sector, which holds a significant amount of capital, innovation and expertise, plays a crucial role in this field. 

Based on these various observations, the Smart City Institute is proposing this year a 6th Smart City Practical Guide dedicated to public-private collaborations and partnerships within the framework of sustainable and smart transition approaches.

This guide will first of all demystify the concepts of collaboration and partnerships between the public and private sectors. Secondly, it will provide a reference point for knowledge about the different forms of collaboration and partnerships, but also about the existing legislative context, both for Walloon municipalities and for other project leaders. Finally, like each of our Guides, this sixth volume aims to inspire the actors of our territories through its international best practices.

iconeInfo To discover in mid-November 2022 ! Presentation at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona on 15 November, on the Belgian pavilion.

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