Smart City Strategy

2 days to develop, structure or challenge your sustainable & smart transition approach


September 15 & 16, 2022
HEC Liège
Rue Louvrex, 14
4000 Liège
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2 days
9:30 - 17:00

How to set up a Smart City strategy?

This thematic workshop, combining both theoretical contribution (tools, methodologies) and practice (exercises, workshops) will enable you to acquire, in just 2 days, the keys to develop, structure or challenge your Smart City strategy. Designed for territorial actors, whether from the private or public sectors, or rural or urban areas, this workshop focuses on the definition (prerequisites, diagnosis, priorities, vision) and on the operationalization (action plan) of a Smart City strategy.

About the thematic workshops of the Smart City Institute

In parallel with its continuing training in Smart Cities Management in 8 days, and after the uploading of a series of video capsules intended for territorial actors, the Smart City Institute is further expanding its 2022-2023 training offer with the establishment of 3 thematic workshops, independent but complementary :
  1. Smart City strategy : 2 days to develop, structure or challenge your sustainable & smart transition approach (15-16 September 2022)
  2. How to implement citizens participation ? 2 days to test tools and co-construct a participatory approach from A to Z (13-14 March 2023)
  3. Monitoring and evaluation of Smart City initiatives (2nd quarter 2023*)

Their advantage

  • A shorter format
  • The opportunity to discover or deepen a particular theme
  • Discovery of tools and methodologies to be applied directly (strongly « practical » oriented

* Dates and programme to be confirmed .To be kept informed, do not hesitate to fill our interest form.


The Smart City Institute's thematic workshops

3 minutes to discover more about the methodology

Smart City Strategy : about the workshop

Objectives and benefits

What is the added value of this workshop for you and your organization?


  • Provide you with the keys to develop, structure and/or challenge your Smart City strategy
  • Equip you with tools, methodologies to integrate the Smart City challenges into your strategy
  • Guide you step by step (different phases/ path of reflection) in your sustainable and smart transition approach
  • Fuel your reflections (examples, advice, best practices, etc.)
  • Provide you with a place to meet and discuss between actors from the Smart City/Smart Region ecosystem


  • Facilitate the definition of your territory’s strategic issues and their implementation
  • Equip you with tools to develop, structure, challenge your Smart City strategy
  • Integrate the Smart City challenges into your approach
  • Discover methodologies to initiate/accelerate/optimize the Smart City transition
  • Develop and integrate a network of people from the Smart City/Smart Region ecosystem
Methodology & trainer

How is this workshop conceived and who will be your trainer? 

These 2 days of workshop will be punctuated by theoretical presentations but also by workshop sessions. They will be led by Nathalie Crutzen, academic director of the Smart City Institute.


Nathalie Crutzen medaillon 

Prof. Nathalie Crutzen, Academic Director of the Smart City Institute

 Ph.D in Economics and Business Management, Nathalie Crutzen is Full Professor in strategy, performance management and sustainability at HEC Liège, and is the founder of the Smart City Institute. She has developed her expertise in the following areas : strategic management, management control, innovation, sustainability and Smart Cities.
Calendar & schedule

How does this workshop unfold ? Discover the calendar.

  • Day 1 – Thursday, September 15, 2022 > From 9:30 to 17:00 (breakfast from 9:00)
  • Day 2 – Friday, Septembre 16, 2022 > From 9:30 to 18:00 (breakfast from 9:00 and drink to close the day from 17:00) 
Target audience

Who is this workshop for ?

This workshop is aimed at all the key stakeholders of Smart City initiatives (public, private and academic sectors), regardless of the size and/or nature of the territory concerned by them.

Public sector

Managers in charge of the Smart City/Smart Region them (Smart City Manager or related), political leaders and policy decision makers, mayors, ministers, general directors, department directors, etc.

Private sector

Any professional working or wishing to work (support, collaboration) with the public sector (municipalities, provinces, regions, etc.) in terms of Smart City. 

Academic sector (all disciplines)

Architects, geographers, computer scientists, urban planners, environmentalists, sociologists, tax specialists, economists, etc.

In practice

What is the format, the location, the price, the certification and the language of the workshop ?

Format & location

The workshop will take place at HEC Liège (format : face-to-face)

Address of the day : Rue Louvrex 14, 4000 Liège.


  • Registration before June 30 : €360 excluding VAT (preferential price for quick registrations) 
  • Registration after June 30 : €400 excluding VAT

Title issued

Certificate of participation


The entire workshop is given in French.


How to register for this workshop ?

Interested ? Registration are open and can be done via our online form. Registration will close on August 25, 2022.


Contacts and informations

Any questions ? Feel free to contact us ! 

Registration, programme information and content

Training Manager, Smart City Institute HEC Liège

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Smart City Strategy Workshop: The experts' debrief

How did the sessions go and what were the key messages?

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