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Wallonia: Does Smart City rhyme with territorial attractiveness?

As an observer of the Smart City trend in Wallonia, we will have the pleasure of presenting our new Smart City 2019 barometer for Wallonia at the Smart City Wallonia trade fair-conference on 24 September 2019!

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This year, the focus is placed on the impact of Smart City approaches in strengthening the territorial attractiveness of Walloon municipalities. Indeed, after two annual studies on the understanding of the Smart City phenomenon and the state of progress of Walloon municipalities in this field, this third survey addresses, in addition to this, a new theme: territorial dynamisation. It brings elements of reflection around :
  • The importance given to economic, social and touristic attractiveness;
  • Strategic actors to be attracted and/or retained;
  • The ideas around the branding conveyed;
  • Actions developed in terms of territorial stimulation and Smart City approaches;
  • ...and Smart City actions to be developed to reinforce the dynamism of municipalities.
Through all these points, this study therefore enables to identify the strategies put in place in order to strengthen the attractiveness of Walloon municipalities. It also allows us to observe how far the main factors of the Smart City can contribute to this reinforcement.



About the survey

Conducted among the 262 Walloon municipalities, the survey was addressed to municipal officials (elected representatives, the mayor's office, directors, project managers, Smart City managers) with an overview of municipal strategies and policies. The response rate was 23%.

About the results

The results of the study, representative for Wallonia, are available in two formats:

  • A infographic showing the main key figures of the study.
  • A detailed report, presenting the 3 following sub-chapters:

› The state of perceptions, policies and actions in terms of attractiveness and territorial dynamism within Walloon municipalities;

› The state of the Smart City approaches developed by them;

› The highlighting of the positive impact of Smart City actions on the reinforcement of territorial attractiveness.

Moreover, it presents refined results according to the nature of the municipalities (rural/urban), but also according to the provinces. The results are representative for these two categories.
You can also find our main key observations through our press release !

About the previous barometers

Among the various research missions carried out by our institute, since 2017 our team has been publishing annual barometers based on surveys of Belgian municipalities. Since 2018, the results of these studies have been refined in order to develop a Walloon version of the report.

The aim of this series of barometers is, in essence :

  • to provide a reliable quantitative inventory of the Smart City dynamics in Belgium and Wallonia;
  • to be able to measure the evolution of this dynamic;
  • to provide cities and municipalities with relevant information, i.e. information which meets their current concerns, but which can also be used in their reflections and in the definition of their own strategies.

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