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COVID-19: What impact on our municipalities? (Study)

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92% of Walloon municipalities have developed solutions to overcome the problems caused by Covid-19.

This is confirmed by our latest exploratory study, conducted last June. No fewer than 44 municipalities expressed themselves through this study: How have they adapted to the Covid-19 crisis over the last few months, and what responses do they provide?

Discover the complete results, as an infographic and a report!

About the survey

Facing an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis, our cities and municipalities have shown resilience and innovation in record time in recent months to support their citizens and guarantee them a high quality of life. In order to better understand the stakes of this crisis and to draw up an initial inventory of the initiatives developed by the Walloon and Brussels municipalities in response to Covid-19, our Smart City Institute team gave them the floor through a short survey. The objectives of this survey are as follows:

  • to better identify the potential challenges and opportunities facing our municipalities,
  • to highlight the types of solutions that may have been/are being developed, but also the factors and obstacles that influence their implementation,
  • explore the sustainability and novelty of these initiatives,
  • to study the impact of the crisis on the sustainable and smart projects of our municipalities.

Thus, through this new exploratory study, the SCI proposes to provide the ecosystem with an initial inventory to better understand the dynamics underway in the south of the country.

The key figures of the survey

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About the results

Key data and key figures from the survey are available (in French) as:
• An infographic (main key figures)
• A report (detailed results) 
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