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Smart Region reference: What role for the Walloon ecosystem ?

In parallel to the scientific research missions it has been carrying out since its creation in 2015, the Smart City Institute (SCI) is also the academic reference of the Walloon Region within the framework of the Smart Region strategy.




Indeed, since 2016, the Smart City Institute has been entrusted by the Walloon Region with a series of missions-actions, all in a "Smart Region" perspective in accordance with the approach adopted in Digital Wallonia, the digital strategy for Wallonia adopted in 2015 by the Walloon Government. These actions fall more particularly within the theme "connected and smart territory" and all have a common goal: to implement a regional environment for Smart City initiatives and ensure their coherence.

Being a Smart Region academic reference: what does it imply ?

Within the framework of its Smart Region strategy, the Walloon Region supports and can count on several references, each bringing their contribution according to their respective field of expertise.

Carina Basile, Operations Director of the Smart City Institute: "As a research institute, our role is to share our scientific expertise and knowledge on sustainable and smart territories with all stakeholders in the Walloon region. With, as a final objective, to contribute to the deployment of the Smart Region dynamic and to accelerate the emergence of Smart City services and projects in Wallonia".

What are the benefits for the Walloon ecosystem ?

In concrete terms, this mission as an academic reference leads to a series of complementary missions, intended to

  • Clarify the challenges of sustainable and smart territories but also the concept of Smart City by providing the necessary knowledge to achieve it
  • Observing the trend in this area in Wallonia
  • To set up a favourable environment through the development of concrete tools to motivate Walloon municipalities to embark on Smart City approaches, in a sustainable manner by providing them with quality support
  • To unite and animate Walloon actors and thus promote the creation of an ecosystem, debates and exchanges.
  • Representing and promoting Walloon initiatives to key players during missions outside the Region

Among these missions :

In summary: the Smart City Institute acts as a reference centre, providing an increasingly complete range of tools and knowledge to the entire Walloon ecosystem.

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