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Digital Wallonia  


As an official partner of the Smart City Institute and led by the Digital Agency, Digital Wallonia is in line with the overall strategy for Wallonia led by the Walloon Government.

Digital Wallonia, a virtual platform, embodies the objective of the Walloon Government to enable Wallonia to excel in the field of digitalisation. The resulting Smart Region vision aims to support the 262 Walloon municipalities in their smart initiatives and to help them in case of lack of resources (for example in the field of open and big data). The main objectives of the Smart Region vision are to :

  • Pool resources;
  • Guarantee coherence between the different initiatives via a digital platform and a physical forum;
  • Create a regional climate favourable to the development and deployment of Smart City initiatives.


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The Walloon Region  


The Walloon Region launched the Marshall Plan 4.0 in 2015. This plan aims to revive the Walloon economy by focusing on different aspects such as a digitalisation plan to support innovation and digital transition, the implementation of innovative projects in terms of Smart Mobility and the development of territorial digital intelligence, all with the help of new technologies.

Within the framework of the Marshall Plan 4.0, the Walloon Region has appointed the Smart City Institute as an academic reference and has entrusted it with a number of missions that are related to the main work of Digital Wallonia, i.e. transforming Wallonia into a Smart Region.



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ERDF - Wal-e-cities  


Wal-e-Cities aims to create innovative citizen-centred IoT solutions in the areas of mobility, energy efficiency, governance and well-being. These developments are based on new wireless communication channels using street furniture and public lighting.

Wal-e-Cities is also market-oriented in order to facilitate the development of innovative ecosystems at the cutting edge of technology, meet societal challenges, foster start-ups and give a competitive advantage to Walloon companies.





The success of a city or region is defined by its ability to attract and retain citizens and businesses in its urban area. This attraction and retention is only possible if the urban territory in question is able to listen, involve and respond to the needs of citizens and businesses.

At KPMG Belgium, we are proud to assist our federal, regional and local government clients in encouraging, accelerating and completing this transition towards the goal of stakeholder responsiveness and involvement, using the Smart Cities methodology.

Smart City : On the Road to the Smart City  (brochure)





Schréder is the global identity of more than 35 distinctively local companies. Since our beginnings in 1907, we have been at the forefront of innovation throughout our history. Technologies such as Sealsafe®, μR® (micro-reflector) or Shuffle are just some of our patented inventions.

We work with our partners to create practical, durable and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions for a variety of environments, from the Colosseum in Rome to the Channel Tunnel.

The latest wave of urban planning means that city centres are becoming more vital than ever: connectivity has become crucial.

Our innovative systems and products allow us to bring data to the streets with the same relevance that our founder brought to light.

Understanding the relationship between people and public space is at the heart of everything we do.

Schréder offers you unique expertise. We call it LightabilityTM.





Total Gas & Power is currently the only energy company that can present a complete multi-energy offer to the self-employed, companies and public institutions in Belgium. This offer consists in gas, green electricity, heating oil, pellets, solar panels, fuel, but also numerous solutions in electric mobility, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

By putting the needs and expectations of the customers in the center of their developments, Total Gas & Power can guarantee a competent customer service and a personal follow-up by experts who are close to economic and environmental realities.

As an integrated part of the Total group, Total Gas & Power fits fully into the energy transition. In the next 20 years, the demand for electricity will grow faster than the demand for energy in general. The 21st century will be electric.

Therefore, Total Gas & Power has the ambition to become a major player and leader in renewable energies.

Thanks to its subsidiary SunPower, acquired in 2011, Total is the world’s second largest operator of photovoltaic energy. The group also recently acquired Saft, one of the most important players in the field of electricity storage (high technology industrial batteries), and this is just the beginning!



VINCI Energies  


Connections, performance, energy efficiency, data: in a constantly changing world, VINCI Energies is accelerating the deployment of new technologies to bring about two major changes: digital transformation and energy transition.

Anchored in the regions and organised in agile mode, VINCI Energies companies are making energy, transport and communication infrastructures, plants and buildings more reliable, safer and more efficient every day.

The main priority for Belgian municipalities is energy optimisation. This theme is fully in line with VINCI Energies' Smart Cities strategy. For example, VINCI Energies is optimising urban lighting to promote energy savings, among other things. VINCI Energies companies are also installing light points, signalling junctions and remote management equipment, such as those on the new Brest light rail system, which make traffic management more fluid and optimised. VINCI Energies also contributes to the ecological enhancement of buildings, using LED bulbs.


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