Consult hereafter the complete list of scientific articles published by the Smart City Institute research team:

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  • Esposito, G., Clement, J., Mora, L. and Crutzen N. (2021). One size does not fit all: framing smart city policy narratives within regional socio-economic contexts in Brussels and Wallonia. Cities (Forthcoming).


  • Ayuk, E. T., Pedro, A. M., Ekins, P., Gatune, J., Milligan, B., Oberle B., Christmann, P., Ali, S., Kumar, S. V, Bringezu, S., Acquatella, J., Bernaudat, L., Bodouroglou, C., Brooks, S., Burgii Bonanomi, E., Clement, J., Collins, N., Davis, K., Davy, A., Dawkins, K., Dom, A., Eslamishoar, F., Franks, D., Hamor, T., Jensen, D., Lahiri-Dutt, K., Petersen, I., Sanders, A. R. D. IRP. (2020). Mineral Resource Governance in the 21st Century: Gearing extractive industries towards sustainable development.  A Report by the International Resource Panel. United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya.




  • Crutzen, N., & Marolla, C. (2017). The Epoch of Smart Cities and Innovation. In C., Marolla, Climate Health Risks in Megacities: Sustainable Management and Strategic Planning (pp. 111-115). Taylor and Francis Group.




  • Crutzen, N. (2014). The Case of Belgium. In S., Schaltegger, S., Windolph, D., Harms, & J., Hoerisch (Eds.), Corporate Sustainability in International Comparison - State of Practice, Opportunities and Challenges (pp. 53-67). Springer.




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