Planning your communication strategy: a key stage in your Smart City initiatives

This second Practical Handbook complement entitled " Planning your communication strategy: a key stage in your Smart City initiatives ", complements the first volume of our Practical Guides. It reviews the basics of communication and the essential steps for implementing effective communication in Smart City initiatives.


Download the Complement (in French)

The communication strategy: why is it important in a Smart City approach?

Today, communication has become a fundamental component of our society. All individuals, as well as organizations in both the private and public sectors, are required to communicate. Even more than other organizations, territories in transition need to be able to rely on a well-constructed communication plan to achieve their objectives.

How is the document designed?

After outlining some of the theoretical foundations of communication, this Notebook takes a look at 6 essential steps in drawing up a communication plan for Smart City initiatives:

  • Observing the context
  • Selection and formulation of strategic objectives
  • Target identification
  • Message definition
  • Selection of medium and communication channel
  • Monitoring and evaluation of objectives

Each step details a necessary theoretical part, followed by key questions to ask, examples, best practices and recommendations.


Like all Practical Handbook, the authors have designed the document to optimize its digital use. This implicates that checklist boxes can be ticked directly in the document, and notes can be added in the spaces provided.

Download the Complement (in French)

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